Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Yesterday, I had an a ocean swim at Terrigal Haven wearing goggles and snorkel.

The water looked clear but there was a lot of small plankton in the water which made it difficult for the camera to focus. There were a lot of fish about, the highlight being a large groper.

Today, it was still raining lightly at dawn but looked like it was a going to clear soon.

I drove to Captain Lookout at Copacabana and followed the track to Winnie Bay.

It was a very wet hike as the vegetation was thick along the track and dripping with raindrops. My shoes and pants were drenched by the time I got to the open area of Winnie Bay.

The walk was great as it followed the cliff edge until it dropped towards the bay below. There were lots of short turnoffs that lead to the cliff edge with expansive ocean views and dizzying drops to the ocean and rocks below.

It was a slow hike going down as there was an abundance of Golden Orb Weaver spiders along the side of the track and a number of times across thee track. I had to carefully remove an edge of the web so that the web was moved to side of the track. I watched one of thee orb weavers deal with a prey that had entangled itself in its sticky web.

Winnie Bay was a light pebbly beach with rock platforms stretching out from the base of the cliffs. The waves were crashing in a rough and random manner on the shore edge. I enjoyed walking on the flat rocks and watching the crabs scuttle away on my approach.

A wet but good 2.87 km hike.

I met two police officers at the lookout at the end. There was no problems but they part of there run was to check lookouts and large water storage tanks for vandalism and other indiscretions.

I had a short ocean swim at Terrigal haven before heading home.

Later in the afternoon, I went to the movies to see 'Resident Evil'. It was non stop action all the way. :)

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