Sunday, February 19, 2017

MIX - 15 TO 20 FEBRUARY 2017

This post is about a week catch up. So much happening in small ways that take up a lot of time...

Last Thursday

I had the best bike ride yet at Bouddi National Park on the Turkey and NW Ridge tracks. There was about three sections that I found were a little daunting and I tended to ride slowly through them or walk. On this day, I was feeling confident and in control of the bike. I didn't speed through these sections but I rode through at a good pace and didn't have any problems. Of course now, I might be getting a bit cocky and so the next ride might have a big fall.

The weather was still very hot so I had an ocean swim at Terrigal Haven after the ride.

I managed to get some more fun time in the mid afternoon and had a small but fun surf on okay waves at North Avoca.

Early last year, I ripped my right hamstring off the bone while surfing and it has taken over a year to get my surfing back to normal. Surfing at the moment feels so good and I feel my surfing is improving with each surf. Hopefully, we will be able to get to the Indonesian waves this year.


The wind was getting stronger and the waves a bit messy but there was an okay wave at Terrigal Beach. It doesn't break well there often but on this day there were some fun waves if you were waiting in the right place.

To explain the last statement further for non surfers - waves usually start to break in the one place and then break following the sand bank or reef. At Terrigal Beach the starting point is a bit random as the sand banks are continually shifting with the tide, waves and current. So there is an element of luck that you are waiting in the right spot.

On Saturday

I drove down to Canberra (4 1/2 hours) to visit long time friend Mark. Mark had recently undergone extensive surgery after a bicycle accident in a road race. It was good to catch up and see first hand that he was relatively okay.

I drove Mark around visiting his work business, walking around the multicultural festival, walked the dogs and had coffee in a cool outdoor restaurant.

The festival was so good. There was great music and displays and people to talk to from various parts of the world. I had a good chats with people from Indonesia and Morocco. I went to Morocco twice nearly 40 years ago. Times have changed but it was a nice trip down memory lane.

On Sunday

I came back early from Mark's and spent the day recovering from the drive and doing weekend house chores.


I checked the surf at dawn and was rewarded with really good long running waves at North Avoca.

With a smile on my dial, I then drove to Sydney for a hearing appointment.

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