Saturday, February 25, 2017


Yesterday, I had not too early surf at North Avoca.

The ocean was smooth and there were a few okay rights and lefts breaking. I was lucky in that there was a strong rip and it kept pulling the crowd down the beach away from the peaks during the lull in the waves.

Afterwards, I met Jacinta for a cappuccino at the haven.

The rest of the day it was raining pretty heavily at times so I did a number of inside tasks that I had been saving for a rainy day.

This morning the waves were messy with a strong onshore wind but the rain had stopped and it was a pretty sunrise.

I had a 4.54 km mountain bike ride on the tracks at Kincumba Mountain.

It was heaps of fun and seemed so easy after the much harder ride I had the other day at Ourimbah.

I met Jacinta for coffee and headed home while she had a walk around the haven.

The rest of the day was doing home tasks.

We are getting the fence replaced so I needed to adjust one of the retaining walls in our yard. Our home is on a sloping block and over the years I have built a number of retaining walls to hold the soil to grow plants or have paved sitting areas.

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