Monday, February 13, 2017


Well this is a bit of a catch up. It has been extremely hot here the last few days and by the evening I was too sunned out of it to write anything. A few cold beers, a light dinner and sleep.

9th February

A kayak at The Entrance. I started in the channel and paddled towards and under the road bridge. The tide was nearing high and was flowing very strongly against me. I followed the edge of the water passing under a pier and saying hello to a few people who were walking the path above me.

When I finally turned about, the current took me very quickly back to the bridge. Hardly any paddling, just mainly steering. I stopped at a sand bar in the middle of the estuary to watch the birds at play.

I went under the bridge and due to the high tide was able to paddle close to the islands. Lots of birds and fish in the water. I circumnavigated three of the islands then followed the channel back to the start.

A fun and pretty 3.74 km kayak.

10th February

An ocean swim today.

11th February

I had an early surf at Wamberal which last about 10 minutes. It just wasn't fun. I got out and drove north to Munmorah SCA and had a really fun surf on 1metre rights and lefts. I stayed in the water for ages and it was very hot. I actually stayed out too long on such a blistering day and later I developed a splitting headache that lasted all evening.

12th February

Another fun surf but this time at North Avoca Beach. Nice rights and the occasional left. I stayed in the water a long time again even though I still had a bit of a headache and the sun was once again relentless but it was so much fun and there were only a few guys out so there were a lot of waves to catch.

Later, Jacinta and I had dinner on the boardwalk at The Entrance. After such a hot day it seemed like a good idea to watch the waves with a sea breeze to cool us down. But the clouds gathered, the wind increased and it started to rain... on to plan B - eat and drink in the van.

13th February

The wind was up and the surf was messy in the morning. I watched the sun rise at North Avoca, had a swim and a walk at the Haven then caught up with a mate to chat and have a coffee. The rest of the day was spent on house chores that I was now capable of doing with the cooler weather.

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