Friday, October 28, 2016


A cloudy morning with the possibility of rain.

I went to Wyrrabalong National Park North for a bike ride.

I did part of this the other day as a hike and so I thought today I'll bike it.

The tracks were very sandy but passed through some very pretty bush scenery.

I started on the red gum trail. There were heaps of flannel flowers in bloom and of coarse, huge red gums. The area is basically sand dunes between the sea and the lake that is covered in vegetation. Below the surface is a fresh water aquafer. Amazing as it lies between the salt water ocean and the brackish Tuggerah Lake.

The next track was the burrawang track.

This was such a great ride meandering through the trees with their low branches. A lot of fun.

Next, was the new cycle path. It was also fun being like your own private road. I was able to build up some speed in this section.

The path ended near the start of the wetland trail.

The striking feature of this track were the number of small birds flittering from tree to tree and their numerous calls. The track joined on the red gum track which I followed back to the start.

A fun 6.26 km figure of eight looped ride.

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