Wednesday, October 19, 2016


We arrived early at Kariong near the emergency centre for a hike to Kariong Glyphs with old mate Terry H.

It was a pleasant walk along the Lyle trig with a great variety of wildflowers in bloom - melaleuca, mountain devil, fuchsia, boronia.

In a short time we came to the turnoff for the glyphs. We started on the wrong track but a short scramble down the hill put us on the right track.

Later, we veered to the left on another track, that lead us to and around the northern side of the glyph escarpment. This ended up great as we came to a slit in the rocks and then scrambled under some very large boulders. Once through, we scrambled under some more boulders and there they were - the glyphs.

They were very impressive but I don't think they were carved thousands of years ago. I go with the theory that a return soldier from the Egyptian campaign, who lived in the Kariong area did the carvings. It also appears that some of the carvings were made later as the style was more currently modern eg toilet door type drawings and stick men.

Still, it was fun discussing the theories and trying to find evidence to back up a theory.

A great 3 km hike, especially, with a friend from way back.

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