Monday, October 24, 2016


I parked at the Milk Factory at Wyong for a kayak on the Wyong River.

The start was a small weir with a notice that there are platypuses in the area - didn't see any.

The wind was light so many parts of the river were glassy and reflective. It was fun cutting over the glassy water and dodging under overhanging branches and weaving between semi submerged trees.

Along the way, I saw a few Eastern Water Dragons that were lounging on tree branches. One in particular, let me observe it at close quarters for an extended time.

Also, I heard a high screeching bird call. There were four Sulphur Crested Cockatoos chasing a Sea Eagle.  They all landed in a tree and all seemed well, until the Magpies took exception to the eagle and started swooping at it. The eagle flew off and, of course, that seemed to annoy the cockatoos who began screeching and chasing the eagle again. It looks like at breeding times, the eagle was not welcomed.

Finally, I could go no further due to lack of time and a large tree blocking the waterway.

A fun 6.69 km kayak.

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