Saturday, September 29, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Cockrone Lagoon - kayak - 28 september 2012

Off for another kayak. This time Cockrone Lagoon at Copacabana.

I hadn't done this kayak for awhile but was surprised at how much I didn't remember!

I launched on the southern side at a small park. there were heaps of ducks there and for awhile I was waylaid watching them. there was one very attractive female duck that attracted the advances of over a dozen male ducks. Funny, I thought most birds bred with only one partner. Maybe ducks are different. I'll need to find a duck expert for the answer.

Eventually, I launched and slowly paddled my way around the lagoon. There were a number of experiences along the way.

There as a small feeder creek with properties on one side of its bank. It was nice the way the land owners had kept the scene natural.

Near the same area, I came across a number of birds. The most impressive birds were the swans and their hatchlings paddling along in single formation. the chicks were white in stark contrast to the black feathered parents. A little later, I also came across a nest with three eggs.

The biggest creek was fun to paddle along. It had two bridge, one which was quite low. the base of the bridges were covered in webs and spiders. It creek also had a number of log and branch obstacles.

A great kayak with birds, bridges and eggs!

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