Wednesday, October 3, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Popran Creek - kayak - 2 october 2012

I've wanted to do this kayak for awhile but had trouble finding a closer launch spot. I drove along Wiseman's Ferry Road and came to spot on the road opposite the entrance to Popran Creek. A small path lead through the mangroves to the edge of the Mangrove River. I have driven pass this spot before but hadn't noticed the path.

It was a bit narrow so it it was a little difficult carrying the kayak and the final section was very slippery. I launched and paddled across Mangrove Creek to the entrance of Popran Creek.

Nearly, straight away I was greeted by a large eagle in the trees. Nice sight!

I paddled as far as I could along Popran Creek until I reached a series of fallen trees blocking the creek. The banks on either side were either too steep to get up and pass or too overgrown.

Along the way, I diverted off the the creek three times to followed smaller feeder creeks. One creek was very straight and lined with very tall grasses. Part of the way along there was a small bridge. I landed here and was very surprised to find that there was a raised walking platform through the rushes.

The other two smaller creeks lead through the mangroves and were narrow with low tree branches making it a fun and adventurous detour.

Popran Creek itself was very pretty and there were three/two bridges to pass under. One was very very low and I just managed to get under it. It was worse coming back as the tide was higher.

It was a great kayak and as a change I had the tides right and the high tide helped me up the creek and the low down the creek.

Back to the car  and the adventure had only just begun. My car had a flat battery as I had left my lights on. No worries, ring the NRMA. Worry, as there was no mobile phone reception. There were a few houses opposite but no one was home. I walked 4 kilometres to Spencer and got a lift off a very nice couple on the last one kilometre. They were going to do a few things and would pick me up on the way back. At Spencer, there was no mobile reception. No worries, I'll use the public phone. No change. No worries, I'll get change at the grocery shop. The grocery shop was closed. Luckily, a lady pulled in to go to the shop and had some change. I rang, got assistance and the couple came back to drive me back to the car. An hour later, the battery was charged and I was off.

A long day, a good kayak and despite the car problem, I met some very nice people!

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