Thursday, October 18, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Waterfall Bay - kayak - 18 october 2012

I launched opposite Waterfall Bay at the public wharf. The weather was cloudy and there was some drizzle on the drive but none at the venue.

The paddle was pleasant over still glassy water and there were a number of small beaches on the way to the falls. I stopped at one for a rest and walk around.

At the falls, I tucked the canoe between the water and a rock overhang. The banks of the falls were steep and a bit too high to lift the kayak on to drier grounds. Anyway, it worked.

I walked around the falls which aren't really falls but rather a casade of water. Most of the water flowed under rocks. Still, it was a pretty scene and it was fun climbing over the large rocks.

Back at the kayak, I continued to another small beach, which despite the no camping signs was used for camping. It was a shame that whoever stayed last left a lot of broken bottles around the abandoned campfire.

The return leg was a bit more difficult paddling into an increased wind and wave chop.

A great 2 hour kayak with pretty stopovers.

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