Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Avoca Lagoon - 26 september 2012

It was a bit cloudy this morning with a freshening wind. I decided on a kayak at Avoca Lagoon.

I parked and launched from the scout hall.

Usually, I paddle along to the sounds of nature but for a change I put the ipod on and paddle to a vaiety of beats. There was a bit of background traffic noise so the music was a good idea.

There were a lot of birds and they weren't too impressed with my appearance around a bend of reeds or clump of trees. I did get to see a lot of them taking off and in flight. Nice!

I paddled down the feeder creek at the western end which was narrow and fun, passing under a bridge.

The wind was a lot stronger on the return paddle.

All in all a pretty morning and peaceful way to start the day.

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