Saturday, September 22, 2012

CENTRAL COAST - Terrigal Haven - HIKE - 23 september 2012

Another beautiful sunny morning. I was up early and felt like a short walk around the rocks at Terrigal Haven.

The morning was warm and the tide was very low. I quite enjoyed the walk as I was walking where normally it was covered by water. It was a bit slippery in sections.

The low tide formed a number of rock pools that were very pretty and clear. This was highlighted by in the early morning sunshine.

The sun was doing it's job across the ocean's surface forming playful, flickering sunlight reflections. In addition, the swell caused an undulating movement at times this to morning glory show.

I watched a group of mask and goggled cladded swimmers jump off the rocks at the base of the skillion and swim around to the haven. It looked like a lot of fun! Must try it when the water warms up in summer.

A great quiet walk!

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