Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I had three and a half weeks in Indonesia. I booked the flights and one night in Legian, Bali. Apart from this, I wasn't certain as to where I would go in Indonesia.

The surf reports showed Ekas, Lombok to be the most consistently offshore windwise with a reasonable sized swell. I arrived in Bali, walked over to the domestic airport and purchased a flight to Lombok for the following morning. I stayed at Heaven on the Planet Resort and wandered between that and Ocean Heaven Resort. They are owned by the same person.

Besides the surf, I met lots of nice fellow travellers from various parts of the world.

The local people are very nice and helpful. I was there at the end of Ramadan and so met lots of locals at the beach. Everyone was in a great mood!

The next day, i was in Lombok and by mid morning I was out surfing.

this second surf video is of additional footage I neglected to upload previously. It was on my last day in Lombok. a good sized swell had hit. great waves all day.

The waves just kept coming for the next three weeks with off shore winds.

The area is very quiet and isolated. I hired a motorbike to get around to the various surf breaks and countryside. It was lots of fun riding on the dirt roads/tracks/dry river beds along the coast of south east Lombok. There were a few villages dotted around the area.

I visited Ekas village and walked along the pretty white sanded beach and pier. A pretty place.

A few of us went on a day trip to Tetebatu. We walked to the waterfall, had a freezing swim in the waterfall pool and walked the jungle track back to the car. At the end of the walk, we stopped for coconuts

I also did a bit of snorkelling between surfs. There was coral and some fish.

One of the attractions in the area is monkeys. Around the resort, on the beach and on the roads/tracks.

After Lombok, I flew back to Bali for a few days and stayed at Balian. The surf there was okay.

Though I didn't write much, the trip was excellent and I am now waiting patiently for return trip to Indonesia.

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