Friday, August 14, 2009

CENTRAL COAST - Staples Lookout to Rocky Ponds - HIKE - 3 September 2008

Easy – 6 to 7 hours return.

The trail starts at Staples Lookout, on Woy Woy Road. Parking is available.

Walk across Woy Woy road and walk down the road to the sign that indicates the way to the National Park.

The trail is well signposted and wide, being a fire trail.

The walk itself is rather boring. The trail is easy with no steep gradients though it is undulating.

The highlights of the walk include:

There is a profusion of flowers varying in colours of yellows, reds, blues and whites abounding along the edge of the trail.
The views over distant mountains and nearby peaks can be seen at the high points of the trail.
Window-like views of Mullet Creek can be seen through breaks in the vegetation and between high points.
Some parts of the trail change from grated road to flat sandstone. The sandstone has interesting shapes as well as being covered with small plants and mosses in random spots.

The trail starts to narrow, a cleared spot for a camping appears, and a little further on Alison Brook flows over the sandstone of Rocky Ponds.

The first view of Rocky Ponds shows crystal clear water flowing over the flat sandstone in various directions. In parts, little pools have been formed where turbulent water has gouged into the rocks. Around the edge of the waterway are various plants and an abundance of multi-coloured flowers. This is a beautiful place to stop, listen to the bird and insect life, feast your eyes on the flora, soak your feet in the cool water and have lunch.

The ponds are worth exploring. Little waterfalls and cascades flow between flat narrow expanses of the creek. Small, winding trails on the edge of the creek lead to a lower section of the creek. Trees and the sky are reflected in the some of the still ponds.

The stillness and solitude of Rocky Ponds is exceptional. At least an hour or two is needed to enjoy what it has to offer.

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