Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Indonesia - Bali - Padangbai - Bias Tugal - 2008

This a beautiful white sand beach about twenty minutes south of Padangbai which is great for swimming and lazing in the sun.

Starting at the main ferry terminal, there is a small street on the southern side that leads up a hill. Follow this street for a short distance until you come to a sign on your left indicating a track to Bias Tugal. Follow the track through the bush until it eventually leads downhill to the beach. There are a number of tracks as you walk along but it is obvious which is the main track.

The beach is a classic white crescent shaped tropical white sand beach. The water is deep and there are some small waves that break right on the edge of the shore. The beach is lined with a number of small restaurants where you can eat and drink and sit in the shade. At high tide wave action can cover a lot of the beach.

The northern and southern corners of the beach have sharp volcanic rocky points. They are great to explore. The southern end has a blowhole where water shoots upwards when there is larger wave action.


Take water and a hat and joggers for the bush walk section (it is a hot walk)
Currents can be strong away from the beach edge
At times, wave action on the beach can be powerful

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