Friday, August 14, 2009

CENTRAL COAST - Kincumba Mountain - Kanning Track - 10 September 2009

Getting there

Drive by car to Kincumber Mountain reserve. Turn right just before the shopping centre at Kincumber at . Next, turn right at the first roundabout at Kincumber Street. Follow this street until the end. It joins onto a road leading up to the picnic area at Kincumber Mountain.

The picnic area has a mud house and toilets, parking and a ranger station at the northern end. The area is wide and there are tables and benches available. It is a nice place to rest or have a bit of fun while overlooking the view of Brisbane Water.

Kanning Track

The entry to this track is a short distance along the road north of the ridge trail.

After a very short distance, the track turns 90 degrees right and passes between two large fallen trees. The roots of the trees face into the path forming a bush turnstile. The shape of the root system is very interesting and gaps in the roots make for a window view of the surrounding bush. The ground of the track is soggy in parts but walkways prevent walks damaging the soil. The left edge of the track borders very large slabs of sandstone. Crevasses between the boulders are thick with plants humus. Water trickles and drips over the boulders creating an environment for ferns, mosses and lichens. A small cave can be found half way along the track. A short while after the cave the track begins to ascend and the flora changes to a drier variety. Eventually, the track joins up to the Yanina trail and it is only a short distance to the car park.

time: 1/2 hour

difficulty: easy

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