Sunday, August 23, 2009

CENTRAL COAST - Birdie Beach, Jenny Dixon Beach, Norah Head and Soldier’s Point - HIKE - 24 August 2009

This walk can be done following the coast along Birdie to Soldier’s Beach or short walks after driving to each location.

The weather looked good to start off but distant clouds that were fast approaching lead me to choose the latter method of getting around.

The sun was shining strong on this winter day. I ventured into the water while photographing to cool off. The water was a little brisk. Birdie Beach is a very long crescent shaped beach. It would take a good few hours to reach the northern end. It is backed by small sand dunes. There a number of places to park along the beach.

Jenny Dixon Beach is a very pretty sandy beach with a backdrop of steep sandstone cliffs.

Norah Head has a car park near the lighthouse. The lighthouse has tours on public holidays and weekends. The lighthouse is an excellent backdrop over the headland. In front of the headland is a tessellated sandstone shore platform, perfect for easy walking. To the south and north are small coves and beaches.

Soldiers Point has a large carpark. The point is connected by a sand spit. To the south is Soldiers Beach.

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