Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indonesia - Bali - Candikunning - Ashram Guest House - April 2009

0368 21450
175 000, 200 000, 225 000 room prices in rupiah

The Ashram Guest House is located on the shore of Bratan Danau near Candikunning.

The hotel has a large car park and a number of rooms on the terraced slopes of the shore. The rooms are located on the hill slope where rice was once grown. The gardens are nice though a little unkempt. There are places to sit at places all over the sloping grounds of the hotel providing different views of the lake. There are also many old buildings around the hotel that are fun to explore.

There is a restaurant that has basic Indonesian dishes only but nice.

The rooms vary in price from 175 000, 200 000 and 225 000r. The rooms are the same size and a very basic – bed, shower, toilet, chairs and small tables. Each room has its own balcony or a shared balcony. There are no fan or air conditioned rooms. That’s okay because the temperature is cool so they are not needed. There are some mosquitoes so coils are necessary.

The views are excellent. The lake is surrounded by market gardens, towns and mountains.

Worse points: When we arrived we had to ask the staff to carry our bags to our rooms and from then on all conversation stemmed around activities and money whenever the staff saw us. This eased off.

Best Points: The cool weather, peacefulness and great views.

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