Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Air - 2009

Gili Air is the closest Gili Island to the mainland. It is very relaxed and quiet. Transport on the island is horse and cart, bicycle and walking. There is a track/road around the circumference of the island. A paved road runs from the harbour through the centre of the island. A number of tracks run in various directions all over the island. The harbour is a quiet affair.


There is a lot of accommodation that is cheap and clean. Rooms vary from fan to air con. There are also a number of ‘hotels’ that have passed their ‘used by’ date. A number of new hotels have been built near the harbour. You can book before you go or find accommodation when you arrive. Upon arrival there are many touts near the jetty that will take you to available accommodation.

Gili air hotel
Supier room - 550 000 air for 2
62 370 634435


there are restaurants spread out along the island though most are on the south, east and north coast in sections.


Snorkeling – just let the current pull you along. Note that in some places the currents are very strong and the drop off to deep water is very steep.

Diving – diving centres are located on the island
Cycling – the ‘road’ gets a little bogged down in sand in some places on the west coast.

Hire a local boat and snorkel.

Go on a snorkel cruise – this stops at a number of places around the three Gili islands.

Locals are very friendly so have a chat.

Cimodo tour around island

Surf – surfboards are available to hire

Walk around and through island


Horse and cart rides (cimodo)



Getting around between islands

There are ferries between the Gili islands or you can hire a local or speed boat.

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