Friday, July 10, 2009

Indonesia - Bali - Ubud - ricefield walk from Jalan Kajeng - 2009

There are a number of walks around Ubud. This is one that we took.

The walk starts at jalan Kejang which is the first street on your right when walking from the Ubud markets. The street is very interesting with the surface made of blocks of concrete with the names of sponsors, individuals and businesses that helped paid for the road. There are a number of guest houses, houses, shops and small restaurants lining the street.

Eventually, the shops and houses begin to end and the street crosses a small river and leads steeply upwards until it levels out at rice fields and beautiful countryside. The street is now a dirt track which follows the river passing through rice fields, jungle, irrigation canals and the distance views of misty mountains,

Along the way there are people working in the fields and making offerings at the numerous shines that dot the corners of the rice fields

There are various shelters for living and animal enclosures, at strategic points there are shelters for resting during the day. Some are on stilts to watch the fields.

The track crosses the river again and leads up a steep embankment and intersects with a more major track. At this point you can follow the track to the left back to Ubud or continue on to the right.

At one point there are a number of shops selling handicrafts.

The track after a time diverts downhill onto a concrete walkway or continues to two rice field hotels. Taking the track downhill leads to a temple, passes numerous dwellings and irrigation canals. The track ends at a minor road. Turn to the right and walk up the road a short distance to a cross road then turn right and follow it back to Ubud markets.

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