Thursday, July 16, 2009

Indonesia - Bali - Candidasa - 2005

Candidasa is located on the east coast of Bali about one and a half hours north of Sanur. It is basically a series of hotels, restaurants and shops that are spread along either side of the main road. Towards the north end of Candidasa where the road veers to the left there are more hotels and restaurants to be found continuing along the dirt road. The main road runs more or less parallel with the coast. There is not much beach, especially at high tide and concrete breakwaters run parallel to the shore for the length of the town.

Getting there
Car or public transport

Getting around

Walking or bicycle


There is a variety of hotels and losmens that vary in facilities and cost. They all seem to be well cared for and look pleasant.


There are lots of restaurants with reasonably price food. Some restaurants will pick and drop you from your hotel. Some restaurants provide entertainment of live music or traditional dancing shows.


Snorkeling between the shore and the breakwalls,
Snorkeling at the islands offshore of Candidasa. Hire a local boat to get out to the islands.
Walking and cycling around the town and local area
Views from the temple on the cliff edge at the northern end of Candidasa. Monkeys are also at this temple.
Pura Candidasa
Talking with other travelers and locals.
Deciding where to eat.
Visiting nearby villages. Candidasa makes for a good base to explore from.
Trekking around the countryside
Pasih Putih

Best Points: quiet, relaxing, temple has sweeping views, snorkeling at offshore islands, good base to explore local area

Worse Points: lack of beach

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