Friday, July 17, 2009

Indonesia - Bali - Pemuteran - Gondol Beach - 2009

Gondol beach is west of Pemuteran. It is described as an undeveloped white sand beach with good snorkeling.

The beach is on a headland on the west side. It is a small, narrow, coarse white-sanded beach. This is reached after walking along a long path of broken bricks and open sewerage drains. Yes, open sewerage drains! The flat section of the headland is a sewerage treatment works. In my view, the sewerage being emptied into the ocean wasn’t very treated and the ocean water was highly discoloured.

We walked a long, long way along the headland, pass the treatment works to find a suitable spot to sit and snorkel. The beach here was only about a metre wide. The snorkeling was poor with a lot of eerie looking seaweed (reminded me of weed in the lake in Harry Potter), some fish and a lot of sea urchins.

The east side of the headland is black sand and not very inviting.

Best points: nothing

Worse points: snorkeling, beach, smell, sewerage works.

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