Thursday, July 23, 2009

Indonesia - Bali - Bali Bird Park and Rimba Reptil Park - 2007

The entry fee is quoted in dollars us and converted at their rate in Indonesian rupiah. You can buy a separate ticket for each park or a double pass.

There is plenty of parking. You can get there via a tour your own transport or hire a car/driver.

You can guide yourself through the park or hire a guide.

The bird park has quite a number of birds from Indonesia and from other parts of the world. The walking paths meander around the open parks, water features and gardens of the park. There are number of birds that roam freely around the park, are in cages, or in walk through aviaries. A show of various birds in flight is presented at regular times and there is a touch/photo area near the entrance of the park.

There is a restaurant, souvenir shop and toilets.

The reptile park, which is next door has a number of reptiles from Indonesia. This includes Komodo dragons.

Best points: pleasant surroundings, touching birds, walk through aviaries

Worse points: some cages too small.

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