Friday, July 17, 2009

Indonesia - Bali - Medewi - Surf - 2009

Medewi Left- A 200 – 400m long left hand point break, best on a high tide and breaking over slimy boulders.

PK’s River mouth- A fast relatively short hollow right-hand hander, best on a high tide and breaking over slimy boulders, always uncrowded and lots of fun.

PK’s Bombora- Surfed only a hand full of times, this adrenaline racing wave is perfect for tow ins but can also be paddled into, surfable on all tides breaking left and right and needing a decent swell, this wave is the big wave spot of West Bali.

Pk’s Reef- also rarely surfed; this reef/rock ledge has some very sucky peaks. Guaranteed to be un-crowded.

Yala’s Peak – Rarely surfed, an A- Frame peak breaking over a rock ledge. Picks up good swell.

Yala’s Rights- Located to the right of Yala’s Peak, the rights offer good quality fast barreling rides.

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