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Indonesia - Bali - Surf

For a beginner, you can just hire a board on the beach or book into surf lessons.

Surf lessons

There are many surf schools along the beach from Kuta to Seminyak. When you get there you will see them if not ask someone and they will point you in the right direction.

The waves on the beach break on shallow, flat sandbanks. Between the banks are strong rips which can have good surf. Out pass the breaking waves the currents are very strong and will easily take you quite a distance along the beach. The waves are crowded with experienced foreign and local surfers, who at times come dangerously close to beginners if they get in their way. The safest places to learn are on the shallow sand banks riding the white wash and the reforming waves.

You can organize the lessons when you get there. This way you can check them out the surf schools directly so that you feel assured that they are okay.

Generally, the surf schools are well organized with good equipment and instruction.

Here are the web sites of a few of them.

Warning: a certain number of people both locals and tourists drown each season on Kuta’s long beach. If in trouble raise your hand. Don’t panic if you get caught in a rip or current. do not swim against it but swim at roughly a 45 degree angle with the rip towards the shore. Don’t panic and remain calm someone will help you

More experience surfers


There are two seasons. Wet and dry. Generally the east coast is off shore in wet season and west coast is off shore in dry season.

What to take

Board and board bag
Wax comb
Rash shirt
Clip on hat (for some people)
Board shorts with elastic in pocket to tie on keys
Day pack

Where to surf

The following breaks, as well as, other places are well known. Explore and there are more breaks. Be prepared for crowds Locals are hot with no fear. Beginners will paddle out and get in the way. Most people are wave hungry until the sun slows them down. Yet, despite what I said, I’ve had a number of surfs with no one out except me. Enjoy and explore!

Medewi – left point on rocks

Balian – beach

Canggu – beach

Legian/Kuta – beach
Kuta reef
Airport reefs - lefts and rights
Balangan – left
Dreamland – short right and longer left
Bingin – short left
Impossibles – three shifting peaks
Padang Padang
Ulu watu
Sanur reef
Nusa dua breaks
Sri lanka reef
Nusa lembongan – shipwreck right, lacerations right and playgrounds left and right

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