Friday, July 10, 2009

Indonesia - Bali - Medical Kit

These are some of the items we take to Indonesia for holidays. Usually we go for five weeks as a family of four.

There are specialist items I didn’t put on the list such as hay fever medication. These types of items are up the individual.

The important thing I feel in the tropics is to keep cuts dry and covered so that they are free of insects,moisture and dirt. The main thing you want to avoid are cuts ulcerating.

Doctors are readily available for more serious problems and they usually provide the medicines needed. On some occasions, these medicines have been very strong. For example, when my daughter was 10 she was given a pain killer which sent her into fairyland. We reduced the dosage by a quarter which stop the pain but didn’t send her to another planet.

What to have in your kit

Medical bag
Panadol kids/adults - headaches
Panadeine – bad headaches/pain
Aloe vera gel or spray – sunburn
Plastic skin – cuts
Manicure set – as this includes scissors
Rehydration mix
Lomotil – diarrhea
Eye drops – for red and grit
Throat lozenges
Lice treatment
Antiseptic powder – tropical cuts
Antiseptic liquid – pour over deep cuts
Cotton balls
Insect repellent

Some preventative advice

wear hat, especially the middle of the day
wear dark sunglasses
carry a bottle of water
carry a cloth - for wetting so you can clean hands, wipe forehead, etc
insect repellent, especially, in morning and evening
sarong - cover bamboo chairs (mites), and heaps of other uses
a day pack to carry these things so they are always with you

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