Friday, May 15, 2015


Brisk and sunny morning.

Started at the top of Kincumba Mountain and rode along the Sid Pulsford Track. The track is very steep at the start and the gravel was large and loose after the recent heavy rains. It was a bit difficult to ride as twice the front wheel spun out when it hit the loose gravel the wrong way.

Part of the way along, I turned off down a narrow track to my left. This part was a fun ride being steep with obstacles before it joined onto the main trail.

I crossed the main trail and followed another track which transverse the hill and passed through pretty bush scenery. It lead to the top of the ridge. At the ridge top, there was a left and right turn. The left lead to end of the ridge and a series of boulders. From here I could look down to where I had transversed across the hill.

The right turn was a good ride though a lot of loose branches to watch on the ground. You know... trying to avoid sticks piercing you or getting caught in the wheels etc. The track lead to the crossroad of another trail. From here, you could go left or right. The right trail surface was muddy and sandstone in parts. This trail would have lead down to street level.

The left turn after a short while turned to corrugated concrete. It was very steep and so the concrete purpose was to stop the trail being washed away. A track to the left lead to a view. Once again loose branches and sticks was a problem. I continued to the base of the concrete trail and soon joined up with the first narrow track I took.

The final hill back to the car park was a steep ride down and it was a steep walk back but the scenery was pleasant with ferns and weather eroded sandstone boulders. Towards the end of the top, there is a stack of chopped and piled vegetation to the right which was blocking an old and fun trail back to the open area top of the mountain and carpark. There was a obscure track around it and I finished my ride riding along this fun, narrow, winding track.

distance - 6.06 km
elevation range - 101 m

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