Saturday, January 31, 2015


Along the old Pacific Highway, then turn off for Mooney Mooney Creek.

The creek was misty and the air was cold. Towering above was the bridge of the motorway. From above it was a good view down into tranquillity, from below the bridge looks so fragile.

I chatted for a while to a guy who had returned from fishing. he was off to work. Another guy was launching his fishing kayak. He must have gone in a different direction as I didn't see him on the waterway.

The creek and bush was silent this morning - an occasional bird call and the slap of my paddle.

The tide was high and outgoing. I have to check my calculations again as I thought it would be still going high. ?????

I paddled along Mooney Mooney Creek and into Piles Creek. The shore was lined with mangroves but towards the end of Piles Creek the landscape became steeper and the vegetation changed to ferns and eucalypts.

The creek ended at a major crossing intersection of bush tracks with a large narrow suspension bridge traversing the creek. I landed and wandered around the area and crossed over the bridge.

My 'disasters' started on the way back. Firstly, I lightly bumped the go pro on the kayak and the mounting unstuck and it fell in the murky water. The water was about 1 1/2 m in depth. I used my feet to touch the bottom and eventually I found it. Lucky!

Next, my fishing line became tangled and the lure was lost and I had to untangle the line and put on a new lure. I took for ages due to not having my reading glasses... something to remember next time. Sometimes, I drop a line off the kayak and trawl as I paddle. So far, I have only caught one fish.

Overall, 'solitude' was the word that came into my head for this kayak.

5.85km paddle

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