Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Well, firstly, I thought that St Huberts Island was the one island covered in houses. BUT the two smaller islands next to it were marked down as St Huberts Island so there must be a few of them.

I parked at Park Road, Woy Woy. The shore was lined with a sandstone retaining wall. At Park Road, there was a break in the wall with a few steps down to the water.

I launched into the bright morning sunrise and paddled across to the first island.

The island was lined with mangroves and a few breaks with small white and beaches. It is shallow near the shore and clusters of oyster periodically scrapped along the hull of the kayak. Luckily, the kayak was made of plastic! It was very quiet. The water carried  a few voices of boaties so that they seemed very close.

After circumnavigating half the island, I paddled over to the second island. This island was totally covered with mangroves and there wasn't really any dry land. I was able to partially paddle under a few trees but it would be better with a high tide as it was too shallow.

I paddled back over to the first island where there was a small wharf attached to an oyster farmer shed. A little further on, there were some oystercatcher birds on a small, white, sand beach. I watched them for awhile then landed the kayak a little further around on another small beach. From here, I explored the island but the dry land was very small.

I landed at another beach on the island then headed back to the start.

There were a lot of birds, mainly in flight, but they were too fast for me today to photograph.

A nice paddle of 2.08 km with a beautiful sunrise and relaxing, calming water.

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