Friday, December 5, 2014


The morning sky was brewing with potential storms with patches of clear sky. As the morning progressed it cleared more and more.

I launched at the boat ramp at Empire Bay. The tide was going high so it was an easy paddle. The water was swirling and uplifting along the jetties on Cockle Channel. The kayak had a different feel when I passed over these eddies.

Once out of the channel and around a small island, I paddled towards Cockle Bay. The shoreline was mangrove with taller trees behind them. The sun was rising and twinkling across the water. The ride became more natural and prettier at this point.

The birds were out this morning. The first sight were two white bellied sea eagles who were roosted in one of the taller trees. They flew so effortlessly in flight.

Entering Cockle Bay there is a narrow fast flowing channel with mud flats and mangroves along its banks. There were a number of birds here. The Eastern Great Egrets and White Faced Herons were he stand outs. They were foraging for food in the mud and shallows. The Egret is a slow bird to take flight with slow wing flaps and then a glide.

There were fish and sting rays scooting off on my approach leaving a muddy trail in the water.

The return paddle was harder with the tide working against me. I landed on the two islands at the end of the Cockle Channel. The first landing was on a beach. It was a pleasant walk around the small island and would be a great spot for an overnight camp. I landed on the second island through a small gap in the mangroves. The vegetation was thicker here so walking was difficult. The mosquitoes were insane and descended on me ferociously.

A pretty ride with a beautiful sunrise, islands, eagles and natural vegetation.

4.89 km
1 hour 32 m

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