Monday, December 22, 2014


A brilliant morning! The sun was shining and not much wind.

I launched off a small sandy beach along Brick Wharf Road at Woy Woy. My objective was to paddle around Pelican Island.

Along the shore and in and under the casuarina trees were a flock of 'Little Corellas'. These birds are unusual in the bird world as they like to play.

I paddled across to Pelican Island and followed the mangrove shoreline turning into the Woy Woy channel. The waters became shallower and the fish jumped or darted away when startled by the kayak.

Two 'Australian Pied Oystercatcher' birds were foraging in the mangroves. It was enjoyable watching them cautiously feeding. These birds a have a bright orange bill and striking black and white feathers.

Next, was an 'Whimbrel', which is from the curlew family. It was also foraging in the mangroves.

A 'Little Egret' was in the mangroves. This bird had two ribbons hanging from the head which apparently appear during the breeding season.

A sea eagle was perched high above watching and waiting.

An enjoyable part of this kayak was paddling under branches and through the mangroves. The perfect reflections give it such an ancient worldly look. Where's the giant crocs!

On the eastern side of the island were rows of oyster farms. I paddled between the rows feeling like I was on a race track.

Towards the end of the paddle, there was a small beach with a number of birds. The beach was wide and long enough to make it a pleasant sit plus the water was swimmable.

A pretty 4.2 km kayak with heaps of bird close ups.

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