Monday, December 15, 2014

CENTRAL COAST - BOUDDI NP - MTB - 14 december 2014 - 'TRACKS'

An eventful bike ride at Bouddi National Park.

It started out well and I was feeling good. I was approaching the turkey trail from the better side. The tracks were heaps of fun and I was feeling confident.

The first fall was when I stopped to check the steepest of the drop. I just started to slide and fell into the tree.

The second fall was abrupt when going over some tree roots. I just came to  dead stop.

The crash was hard. I thought I was lucky I didn't hurt myself, then luckier still that I didn't damage the bike. I thought I was okay but the bike hit soft sand and wham I hit the rock.

The next event, was the flat tyre. That's two in the last two rides.

The next hit was towards the end. I thought I was fine on the concrete path when my right foot and pedal hit one of the concrete uprights. It hurt a bit but I was happy there was no damage to me or the bike.

Conclusion, I'm trying hard and pushing it or I'm getting sloppier. hmmm! food for thought.

distance - 5.61 km
average speed - 9 km/h
elevation range - 40 metres

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