Wednesday, November 18, 2015


A hot day predicted.

I decided on a bike and hike at Bouddi National Park.

It is a steep start but levels out for great views across the coast and inland towards Brisbane Water.

I took a narrow track on the left but after a short time, I abandoned the bike for a hike. The track lead to the escarpment edge with views over Killcare and Putty Beach. At one stage, I was directly above the surf club at Killcare. It was fun scrambling over the rocks.

Back tracking to the bike, I continued along the service road towards Tallows. After the gate, there was a very rough, eroded and fun track to the left that eventually joined with the road to Tallows.

Further down the hill, I followed the track to Tallows Beach. It was a beautiful clear morning with the ocean glistening and small crisp waves breaking on the shallow sand bank. Not a soul in sight.

I peddled back up the hill and took a turn to the left which skirted the edge of the cliffs and lead to Little Tallow Beach. Once again no one and a pretty view. I sat for awhile watching the water cascade from a small creek and the butterflies flittering from flower to flower on the hillside.

I back tracked and walked most of the way back up the hill. It is a steep hill !!!

On the return journey to the car, I was peddling up the hill after the gate not really thinking of anything when suddenly I realized there was a snake on the road and was about to run it over. I veered sharply to the left and the snake pulled it head back. I couldn't put my foot down due to the snake so I kept peddling with my foot in close proximity to its head.

I stopped at a safe distance. The snake was fine. I was very relieved that I hadn't hurt it. I watched it for a long time following its journey in the bush and up a tree. It was amazing. The camouflage is excellent if you had walked past the tree you wouldn't have seen it.

After all that excitement, I rode back to the van and drove down to Killcare Beach for a swim. Nice way to end a hike/walk.

7.17 km ride with an elevation range of 108 metres.

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