Friday, November 6, 2015


The weather has been relatively cold lately and the rain has just kept coming down. This morning there appeared to be a change in the weather. The sun was out but the swell was messy. This improved later in the day.

Off to North Avoca for a kayak on Avoca Lagoon.

I was looking forward to seeing a lot of birds but alas this morning they were elusive. There was a pelican in the distance preening along the edge of the reeds, a cormorant high above which I notice by the white splashes it was causing in the water below it and a few swamp hens that only made a brief peek appearance. Even the ducks were rare. I saw one couple in the trees!

The lagoon was glassy and the reflections of the trees and bush were perfect. The sun was rising and the temperature was warming up.

I rode through the reeds and cut a small wake in the mirror perfect surface of the lagoon. The water was very high so once again I was able to paddle in usually dry places.

The far tributary was a great paddle. Narrow and overgrown with an old spider encrusted bridge joining two fields together at one point. I have never seen any productive use of the fields except for a 1/2 dozen orange trees.

The highlights today were the spider webs that were glistering in the morning sun and dew, a dragon on the tributary bank being rigid for ages anxious for my departure and heaps of dragon flies. The latter was hard to film as they only hovered a short time then flitted to a new spot. Great to watch!

A nice 3.57km paddle that took about 1:30 with various stops.

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