Saturday, February 8, 2014

AUSTRALIA - SAPPHIRE COAST - 16 to 18 january 2014

16th January 2014 Thursday

Onwards to Eden and we camped at Boydtown in a camping area next to the beach. Long and fun day!

17th January 2014 Friday

It was a cool start to the morning that quickly turned to sun and heat.

The first stop was Disaster Bay Lookout on the way to Cape Green. The road was dusty all the way and narrow at times but the view was spectacular of beautiful and inaccessible beaches.

We continued on towards Green Cape which was really nice with a lighthouse and rocks to walk amongst. We wandered around there for quite awhile.

We drove back to Eden and stopped at the harbour for coffee and lunch. We walked the pier and looked at the different types of boats moored.

We continued onwards to Merimbula and the high jetty at the end of the point. Heaps of kids were jumping from the pier to the water way below. Looking over the edge made me dizzy! I went for a snorkel there and had a great time amongst the seaweed and fish. The water was cold!

We drove for aimlessly for awhile while we sorted out a home dilemma and eventually, camped at Bermagui. Later, we had a walk around the headland.

18th January 2014 Saturday

We decided to backtrack and follow the coast road back to Tathra. The coastline was very pretty. At Michael Lerner Lookout, we had a view of the rugged coast. A track lead to a small beach.

The next short stop was Cuttagee, where we wandered around the entrance of the river to the sea. There were small waves running along the curved isthmus of sand of the river entrance. The bridge there was part old and part new.

We continued the drive and took a turn off to Bunga Head or Goalen Head. Anyway, the road stopped and we had a short walk from the entrance of Mimosa Rocks National Park to the beach. The scenery was beautiful with cows, grassed paddock hills and heaps of small dams. The beach was nice and we walked amongst the rocks at the north end.

We continued on the Tathra and drove around the town. We visited an old friend from collage Jo-Anne and her husband Gary. It was nice catching up and finding out what a lot of people from collage times were doing.

We drove back north  and had a kayak at Wapenga Creek (I think that's the name). It was a short kayak.

distance - 2.22km
time - 7mins
av speed - 3.6km/h

Next, we set up camp at Gillard’s Beach in Mimosa Rocks National Park. A great bush camp and nice beach! In the afternoon, we walked north along the beach to the rocks. On the way back there were kangaroos on the sand not far from the ocean’s edge!

18th January 2014 Sunday

I was up early and was rewarded with a blood red sunrise over the ocean. Nice! Jacinta was asleep!

We checked out a few kayak spots but decided to head to Mumbulla Falls. It was a long, dirt and rough road but it was worth the drive. The area is a traditional Aboriginal area for initiation ceremonies. The feeling of sacredness was enhanced by the appropriate artistry of the paths and facilities of the area. Even the toilet signs showed respect. The falls were a series of cascades the first and largest cascaded into a large pool. We were both were impressed!

We stopped in at Bermagui for lunch then followed the coast and checked out a few surf spots.

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