Sunday, February 9, 2014

AUSTRALIA - EUROBODALLA COAST - 18 to 21 january 2014

18th January 2014 Sunday

We decided to camp at Brue Lake camp in the Eurobodalla National Park. It was a petty spot next to the lake and the beach.

After a long rest, I went for a bike ride around the part of the lake. It was pretty awesome. The track was not well defined and there were all sorts of obstacles such as sand, low and fallen branches and sharp bushes. I had a swim in the lake when I finished.
distance - 4.07km
time - 23mins
av sped - 10.4km/h
max speed - 22.1km/h
elevation range - 16m

19th January 2014 Monday

I woke and had a walk down to the beach. It was a cool and cloudy day with onshore winds. There were a lot of birds along the beach and the lake. I read till Jacinta woke up.

We had breakfast and then I went for a kayak and Jacinta baked on the beach. The kayaking highlights were the birds, jellyfish all over the lake, enchanted forests of now-water bounded trees and short waterways between the shore and grasses/trees. A great paddle!
distance - 6.10 km
time - 1h 31 mins

Jacinta and I rested most of the day then had a kayak in the late afternoon through the reeds and enchanted forests.

20th January 2014 Tuesday

A light drizzle of rain so I went for an early walk along the lake and beach.

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