Thursday, February 6, 2014


15th January 2014 Wednesday

 We said our goodbyes then loaded up the van and headed in the Eden direction. The weather was very hot and around Buchan it started to rain very hard. We eventually decided to stay at Cape Conran in the National park camp.

We had a swim on the beach and I played on very tiny waves with my surfboard.

16th January 2014 Thursday

I was up for the sunrise on the beach. It was very pretty with the possibility of waves with some more size.

Next, was a bike ride along Swampy Creek track, the powerline trail and the road that lead to Yeerung River.  The Swampy Creek track was the best flowing amongst the trees and bushes.

Distance - 8.37km
Time – 40 mins
Av speed – 12.6 km/h
Max speed – 26.1 km/h

Elevation range – 21m

On return Jacinta awoke and I went for a short swim on the beach. Waves were small but looking good. I had a quick breakfast and off to the waves I went. I had an hour of fun surf until the tide and wind changed.

We drove to Marlo for petrol. The girl serving there had lived there all her life though the lack of  work was a big problem. It was a pretty place we the exit of the Snowy River to the sea. From above, it was vibrant blue!

We journeyed on the West Cape and Salmon Rocks. Jacinta had a bake on the beach and I had a fun snorkel amongst the kelp.

We continued from there to Yeerung River to a small picnic area. We had lunch and launched the kayaks for a nice ride along the tannin coloured water of the river. Towards the end there were heaps of submerged logs and low log underpasses to kayak through and under. It was very pretty. At the end, I had a swim in the river. Refreshing!
Distance – 3.12 km
Time – 47mins

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