Sunday, February 2, 2014


8th January 2014 Wednesday

We headed to Phillip Island and settled into a camp site at our Caravan Park.
After resting, for the early part of the afternoon, we went for a bike ride around Cowes and along the tracks at Oswin Roberts Reserve. The latter part was heaps of fun through forests with the occasional wallaby jumping out in front of us.
distance - 16.76 km
time - 1h 37mins
av speed 10.3 km/h
max speed - 5.4 km/h
elevation range - 55m

9th September 2014 Thursday

Warmest night for a long while last night!

A tour of the island today, mainly, the beaches. We set off towards Sealers Cove and Shelly Beach. The early morning light brightened the vegetation and the coastline was beaches and cliffs. At Sealers Cove a nice wave broke off the reef but that was the one and only.

We ventured onward to Kitty Miller Bay and decided a swim and a lay on the beach would be nice. We drove to Smiths Beach. I had a swim and Jacinta a bake. I then had a walk over the reef while Jacinta continued to bake.

After she was cooked enough, we drove on for a lunch spot. We pulled the van up and had a nice view of the Woolamai Beaches from Sunderland Bay.

We continued to follow the coast to the end of Woolamai Beach Road. Still no waves so back to the camping area for a shady rest.

In the afternoon , we drove to ‘The Nobbies’ admiring the views as we walked along the boardwalk. The highlights were the nesting seagulls especially, as they were soaring the winds around the cliffs and the rugged rock outcrops of the coastal scenery.

Later in the afternoon, we saw the penguin parade. They waddled ashore in small groups then made their way back to their nests through small trails to their hungry youngsters.

10th January 2014 Friday

We decided to leave Phillip Island for the Mornington Peninsula but with a stopover at Woolamai Beach. Great decision as the surf was very good. 1 to 1 ½ metre waves on right hand bank though there were breaks all along the beach.

We continued on to French Island for lunch but it wasn’t really a good spot though it was an interesting drive over the bridge.

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