Tuesday, February 4, 2014

AUSTRALIA - VICTORIA - MELBOURNE - 13 to 15 january 2014

13th January 2014 Monday

We journeyed onwards to Melbourne to visit Marty and Suzy. It was a bit of a drive as the GPS stopped working for awhile. We got to our destination and it was beer, champagne, wine and schnapps time intertwined with food. A great night!

14th January 2014 Tuesday

We all rode our bikes to breakfast at a café not far away and had a delicious meal. We decided it was way too hot for the bikes so we trammed it into Melbourne. We walked heaps and looked at streets and lanes, art graffiti, art gallery, shops and cafes. There were so many of the latter! It was a cool walk though the weather was hot. We trammed it back to the bikes and air-condition safety.

In the evening, we drove to Brunswick Street for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The food was excellent and the street very interesting

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