Monday, October 3, 2011

AUSTRALIA - Whian Whian State Forest - Rocky Creek Dam - HIKE - 29 September 2011

I was actually heading to the big scrub walk but the road had new cattle grates that had deep holes on either side. The drops were a bit too much for my car.

I checked the map and Rocky Creek Dam was only a short distance down the road. On arrival at the parking area of the am, I was surprised by the amenities (expecting nothing much) – playground, water cover, toilets etc.
The walks were marked by picture code. The first walk wound down the hill to the dam. Nice views.
There was a near perfect road crossing the dam. On one side was the dammed water and the creek far below on the other. The road turned to trail that wound up the hill. On the other side of the hill was a spillway. The spillway was crossable but it felt strange walking on it for some reason.
Across the spillway the trail wound through creaking forest for quite a distance until joining up with the big scrub walk of Nightcap NP (the track I was originally going to follow). At this point, I doubled back a short distance and took another trail that lead to the creek.

At the creek was a high boardwalk to view the creek (had platypuses but I didn’t see them) and it continued to a small water floating bridge which was fun to walk across. The creek here was a mass of lily pads and flowers.
I continued on and recrossed the dam road and back to the car park.
This walk had a lot of variety and was easy.

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