Sunday, October 30, 2011

AUSTRALIA - Sydney - reunion tucker. gillett, dunn - 30 october 2011

I drove to Sydney to catch up with Mark and Bruce. I hadn't seen Bruce for three decades.

Bruce was more or less the same. His room was festooned with arachy slogans and pictures. Good to see he still supports the unmainstreamed.

Mark was good though he needs to change his swear words... the word 'stupid' does not cut it as cussing.

We had coffee, then wandered around a church and the local area. Next was lunch, where mark totally confused the poor waitress.

We sat around and watched Bruce's street view.

We hugged (not likely)
we cried (not really)
we said our good-byes (we could do that)
then sauntered off to our various worlds.

A great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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