Monday, October 3, 2011

AUSTRALIA - Ballina - Ballina Island Loop - Kayak - 28 September 2011

I started off early to hopefully take advantage of the tides.

I parked at the boat ramp at North Creek and launched off a small sandy beach. I paddled upstream and under a large bridge. There was quite a variety of birdlife near the bridge.
The landscape became more natural after turning to the right after the bridge. The bank vegetation was mangroves. There were a few smaller turnoffs long the creek. Eventually, the natural landscape gave way to suburban streets.
I reached the Richmond River and paddled downriver towards the ocean. The shoreline at this point was very developed.
Eventually, I reached the aquatic pool and the landscape changed to beaches and small coastal dunes. I continued onwards but was forced shore just before the turnoff to North Creek due to the strong currents and breaking waves.
I dragged the kayak to the bridge and relaunched at North Creek. The paddling was hard on this last leg due to the strong outgoing tide,
It was a good kayak taking about 3 hours.

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