Saturday, October 29, 2011

CENTRAL COAST - Spring Creek - kayak - 27 october 2011

It was a cloudy day with the chance of rain. i drove to Emu Drive, San Remo which is ner the mouth of Wallarah Creek and launched the kayak.

The creek starts off wide and passes under a bridge. There are a few dwellings along the creek's northern bank. The southern bank is natural. Eventually, I reached the junction of Wallarah and Spring Creek.

I took the turn into Spring Creek. for a long while it was crowded with dwellings on the east and northern banks. The south and west bank remained natural. After a time the dwellings stopped and the landscape was more natural with bird and lizard life.

I came to another bridge which had a rubble strewn crossing just before it. I continued on for some distance until the creek branched off in to two opposite directions that was strewn with branches and logs. It wasn't passable.

The return journey took a total of 3 hours with a strong wind against me on the return leg.

A good paddle with a variety of landscapes.

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