Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Zealand - Rotorua - Zorb - 4 January 2010

The morning session was out to the Zorb. The day was windy and a little cold so there weren't many people there.

At the bottom of the hill, a car drives you to the top to the start of the ride. At the top, there is a large plastic ball that you sit inside and then roll down the hill within. They pour some water into the ball (makes the sliding easier) then you have to slide and wriggle into the ball through the narrow opening. The opening is then sealed up and they give you a push and away you go down the hill – slipping and a sliding. Great fun!! There are two tracks - the straight and the zigzag.

The Zorbit wasn’t operating due to strong winds. In this ride you are strapped into a seat so that you rotate with the ball as it plummets down the hill.

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