Monday, January 25, 2010

New Zealand - Rotorua - Te Puia/Te Po - 4 January 2010

In the afternoon, we went to Te Puia and Te Po. This is a thermal area with huge geysers.

They erupted when we arrived putting on an amazing display.

We went on a guided tour. Our Maori host, Sandra, explained and showed us many things about the thermal area, the Maori village, flora and her culture.

Later, we were greeted at the marae by a Maori warrior. Inside, we saw an excellent show of various Maori dances, songs and games. Their voices were very powerful and pleasant.

A huge hongi meal followed and after that we went back to the thermal area to watch the geysers erupt just on dust. Our host sang the Maori Farewell with sincere feeling at the end of the visit. Very nice! A very good experience!

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