Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Zealand - Rotorua - Skyline - Luge and Skyswing - 3 January 2010

Skyline was our first activity in Rotorua. We caught a chairlift to the top and rode the luge. The luge is a type of go-cart that you can steer and brake down a pathway. The speed that they could reach was pretty exciting, especially on the corners. We saw a few people slide off the track and into the dirt. At the bottom of the ride, there were chairlifts back to the top.

Still in skyline, we went on the skyswing. The three of us were strapped into a large ball and pulled up to a 180 degree angle. At this stage, you are looking directing at the ground. Then we were released (you control the release cord) to go plummeting towards the ground and swinging out over the mountain into the open sky. Of course, thoughts of seatbelts coming undone and the ball flying off its restraints into the wild blue yonder were all part of the excitement.


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