Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Zealand - Gisborne to Tongariro National Park - Morere Hot Springs, Lake Tutira, Waipunga Falls - 7 January 2010

After an early morning swim at Waikanae Beach, we left for Tongariro National Park.

We followed the coast road. There were some nice places we would have liked to have stayed had we more time.

The first stop was Morere Hot Springs. We walked through the rainforest for about 20 minutes reaching the hot spas. One spa was cold, the other hot and the other ballistic. We tried all three though the ballistic one made one feel empathic with a lobster. A few minutes was all I could handle.

Next we stopped at Lake Tutira. It was pretty with a lot of swans and ducks. They were pretty tame.

Next stop was Waipunga Falls. A lookout gave excellent views if the huge falls and countryside.

WE continued driving past Taupo and onwards to the Tongariro national Park. The roads were quite in the park and the scenery awe inspiring.

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