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Jacinta and I took the campervan for a break up north. It was an interesting trip with hikes, kayaking, mountain biking, exploring, bogging the van, serene camping spots, good surf and lots of pretty beaches.

16 April 2018

The van was ready - food, water, petrol and toys. Off we went loaded up like the Beverly Hillbillies.

Our first stop was checking the surf at Hawks Nest Beach. The waves weren't too good so we continued onward to Banksia Green Camping Area in Myall Lakes National Park.

After settling the van up for the night, we wandered down the sandy path from the camping area to the beach. A long stretch of white sand beach with no one in sight. There was a bit of a waves to ride but it looked a little shark bait-like so we settled for a few swims close to shore.

Back in the camping area for a rest before a mountain bike ride along the Tomboi Trail.

It was late afternoon so the shadows were long and dark making vision of obstacles a little difficult. Still, it was a fun ride with a great view over the isolated fishing village of Tomboi.

17 April 2018

I walked down to the beach early and sat and watched the sunrise. So pretty. A pod of dolphins swam by while I was gazing.

We drove back to Hawks Nest to check the surf and across the bridge to Tea  Gardens for a coffee along the waterway edge. A good spot to sit and chat with a pretty view.

We decided to try a different camp site as the weather had been wet today. We stayed at Myall Lakes Camp which is situated on a private property just before the entrance to Myall Lakes NP. A great decision! Our camp spot was next to the Myall River - it was pretty, water nearby and quiet.

In the afternoon, I paddled north along the Myall River. A great kayak where I was lucky enough to used the tides to assist my paddling. Along the way, I saw a few abandoned buildings, some birdlife a number of small sandy river beaches.

18 April 2018

At sunrise, I launched the kayak to paddled in a south direction and get some sunrise photos. I was so lucky paddling around the first bend, I was greeted by heaps of birds and a contrasting sunrise. I took some photos and footage but it really doesn't cover the scope of the beauty when seen as a whole.

Later, we checked the surf and had coffee.

I had another kayak through the channels that formed a number of mangrove islands. The water as shallow in parts and it as fun drifting over them with some speed..

Today was also a special day for me marking my 62nd year on this planet. I thought for a time on my existence and felt very lucky to have the life I have and the people in my life. After all that thinking, I indulged in some Jack Daniels and fell asleep. Ha ha, well I do get tired. :)

19 April 2018

A sit around and do nothing morning (feeling a little seedy) until early in the afternoon when we decided to drive to Booti Booti National Park.

We set up camp in The Ruins camp area and walked down to the beach where we sat in the sun and read our kindles and snoozed a little bit.

20 April 2018

I woke early and had a short walk on the beach watching the sun rise.

Later, we drove the short distance to Boomerang Beach. I had good, fun and sizable waves at the northern end with only two other guys out. The crowd increased towards the end of the session but there were plenty of waves to go around.

After the surf, Jacinta and I sat on the beach, enjoying the sunshine and the pretty views.

It was still early so we drove to Wallingat NP. WE were thinking of kayaking and maybe camping there but the camp area was a series of pools of water and the mosquitoes were in full force. We continued on but when we reached the Link Road, it was looking a little rough so we decided to turn around. MISTAKE! We should have just reversed but to cut the story short we were stuck right across the entire road as we couldn't get traction on the tyres. Luckily we had a one bar reception and were able to contact roadside assist and about 2 hours later we were out and highly relieved. A lesson to be learnt here.

Late in the afternoon, I had a mountain bike ride on Seven Mile Beach. at Booti Booti National Park. The sand was hard enough to ride over close to the water's edge. There were a few soft spots. I got about 1/2 way along the beach before the sand became too soft to ride over. The ride back was with the wind against me.

21 April 2018

A morning surf check, then we decided to head over to Smith Lake.

The wind as a little strong but I had a kayak at Tarbuck Bay around Little Island. The waves were a bit rough, splashing over the bow of the kayak when I as paddling upwind. Around the lea of the island it was quite protected and it was a smooth kayak over clear water.

There were a lot of jellyfish in the water.

After that, we drove back to Booti Booti National Park and we had a hike along the Lakeside track. It as nice walking together. The track was easy to follow and there were some nice views over the lake.

We checked the camp area at Sandbar but it was too boggy so we drove back for another night at The Ruins Camp in Booti Booti NP.

22 April 2018

It was a wet night but it had cleared in the morning.

The sun was out enough to have a sit, read and swim at Elizabeth Beach before there was a huge deluge.

Seeing that it was raining, we decided to drive back to Myall Lakes National Park.

We checked the camp area at Mungo Brush but it was too boggy and crowded so we continued on to Myall River Camp which was relatively drier.

I had a late afternoon kayak through the channels and around the mangrove islands.

23 April 2018

When I woke, I had a early morning kayak along the channels and drifted with the tide.

map of all kayaking in myall river

We had breakfast, then drove to Tea Gardens for cappuccinos and a relax by the waterside.

After lunch, we drove to the start of the Old Gibber Trail. I had a mountain bike ride that was so awesome.

Before the ride, I had an interesting experience with a Willy Wagtail. When we got out of the van this bird kept following me around as I was getting my bike gear ready. It as so close I had to be careful not to tread on it. When I stood still, it jumped on my foot and started pecking away at it. Haha :)

The Old Gibber Trail was wide and easy but after 2 kilometres I turned right onto the Dunshea Track. The track was heaps of fun with long pools of water, ruts and a very snaky feel to it. I had to cross a small creek then I was on the Brokensand Track. This track was narrow and rough with thick vegetation. the vegetation blocked the track lightly at times and there were clear pools of water to splash through. The last track, the Eurunderee was narrow but gradually got very wide before reaching the corner of the Old Gibber Trail and the Mining Road. The ride was about 20km with half of it being on the narrow tracks.

24 April 2018

The weather was a bit colder this morning and we decided to move on.

The rain was bucketing down at times and the wind was moderately strong. We ended up at Catherine Hill Beach where we had lunch, sat in the sun and I had a swim.

We considered the weather which seemed to be better further south so we drove back to the homestead.

As usual, the rest of the day was putting gear away and cleaning.

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