Sunday, December 18, 2016


The wind was a strong south-easterly this morning so I drove with all the windsurfing gear northwards but alas the wind was not enough to have some fun with it.

I decided on a hike at Snapper Point in Munmorah SCA instead.

I parked at the northern carpark and hiked down to Timber Beach.

The track was heavily eroded by running water but was dry. The water had sculptured into some  unusually shapes. Parts of the track were based on red clay so close up the ground looked like a Martian landscape with mini mountain ranges and volcanic cones. In other parts, the water had gouged deep  ravines. All this was actually quite small but my imagination was running wild with an ant perspective.

There were two sections along the track where the bushes had grown so thick that it was more like walking duck-like through a low ceiling tunnel. Other spots were quite open and afforded a nice sea view to the north.

After a relative short time, I reached Timber Beach. The beach was small and at the end of a narrow cove. The waves were rough and wild and the tide was high so I was limited on my beach walk.

I backtracked and then drove to the southern carpark near Bongon Beach.

What an amazing place!

Next to the carpark was a fence and on the other side of the fence was a large drop to a narrow inlet with a massive sea cave at the end of it that the turbulent ocean was washing in and out of.

After gazing at the cave and the wild ocean, I followed a track out to end of Snapper Point. It eventually, lead to bare rocks that were relatively flat and tiered until they merged with the ocean.
I stayed on the highest platform and walked around the base of the point. Along the way, there was a memorial to a long list of people who had drowned after being washed into the ocean while fishing in this location.

I followed the platform to the south and around to Bongon Beach. This was a pretty beach that was narrow but long being partially sheltered from the larger waves.

A nice, cloudy morning hike along a beautiful stretch of coastline.

Afterwards, I drove to Soldiers Beach for a cappuccino while I watched  a few guys surfing in the wild conditions.

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