Thursday, August 11, 2016


Today's adventure - the Guringai Walk at Katandra Reserve.

I've done this walk a fair while ago when the track was open and regularly serviced. The next time I tried, it was closed until repaired. That was a couple of years back. The track hasn't been repaired but there were no signs indicating it was closed.

A short distance into the track came the first obstacle, which was a large rock fall across the trail. It was hard to scramble over the rocks because they were slippery. Other obstacles along the tracks were collapsed boggy sections, thickly overgrown vegetation and rotted above ground paths. Still, these were fun to climb around or bulldoze through.

The track itself is one of the best in the area. Most of the way is at the bottom of sheer cliff. This escarpment has an angle of 90 degrees but in some sections it is overhanging by 3 metres. A bit unnerving to stand under. The cliffs allow a constant flow of water to saturate the soil leading to lush vegetation close to the cliff face.

Just under St John's lookout, there has been a lot of rubbish throw over the cliff edge. Most stuff was light but there were two lounges and two large plastic garbage bins.

The end of the track was very obscured and required a bit of off trail walking to connect with the Mouat Trail.

A great hike and it was nice finishing it off admiring the view from St. John's Lookout

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